Units are designed as variable ones to fulfill wide range of customers needs. Some customers may seek special features/units to exactly fulfill highly specific needs. In that case we are able to design custom mods or the whole system according your specifications.

Limtek special OEM products

Limtek supplies laser products adapted according to customer´s requirements
For example:

Contactless measurements of vibrations
Dortmund University, Published in
AiF Sclussbericht Nr.11687

Embeded laser interferometers in special machines
Instituto de Autom´atica Industria, Madrid, Instituto Tecnolo´gico de O´ ptica, Valencia, published in
Sensors 2009, 9, 7622-7647; doi:10.3390/s91007622

Multiaxis laser interferometer with minioptical units
ATLAS silicon module assembly for Large Hadron Collider at CERN University of Valencia, Instituto de Física Corpuscular (IFIC)

Measurements in open space of deflection of bridges under load
Company ZAG, Slovenia

2 Axis laser interferometer for electron beam writers
Optaglio, Czech Republic

Laser interferometer with special specification and software for calibration of geodetic tapes
Czech Technical University in Prague. Installed in Malysia
ESGT – CNAM, Le Mans, France

Laser interferometer as a part of hardness tester
ÈMI, Czech Institute of Metrology

LS 100 Measurment of positioning accuracy in 1 axis
LS 110 OEM multiaxis measument system
LS 120 Measurment of geometry with interferometer
LS 130 Measument of geometry with CCD sensor
LS 140 Temperature and Air sensors
Customized systems