Division activities:

On the base of contacts and cooperation with companies and laboratories LIMTEK builds a new access to its customers. Not only to deliver laser systems, but also offer complete solution of the customer's problems. Quality of the products and wide customers support go side by side with these activities.


2010 - LIMTEK was transformed into LimtekLaser - laser & measurment equipment division of SAR, s.r.o.

1992 -The laser program was transferred to a new private company LIMTEK s.r.o (Ltd.). LIMTEK bought all necessary productions equipments and took over the related activities. This privatization based quite new technical and commercial activities. Representations in European countries and commercial contacts with another countries were established. Quality of production and continuous effort to meet customer's needs became the main principle of the company.

1971 - Development and production of laser measurement systems started in Blansko in Metra Blansko company. Since that, more than 600 laser interferometers have been produced and delivered for applications in machine tool and microelectronic industries, metrology laboratories and universities.